How cash for cars can be good for you and for the environment

Posted on: 9 April 2020

Selling a car can be a complicated business, particularly if you are trying to get rid of a junk or wrecked car. You may find it easier to use a cash for cars system, where a specialist company buys the car on the spot, usually after a preliminary online or phone valuation. Why might you want to use such a service? Time and convenience Although you might make more money by selling your car privately, you should weigh this up against the extra time it will take and the inconvenience to yourself in having to place adverts, arrange appointments and so on.
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Must-Have Sorting Technologies for Scrap Metal Recyclers

Posted on: 30 March 2020

Efficiency and profitability in scrap metal recycling can only be realised if the sorting process is fast, accurate, and reliable. Unfortunately, advancements in product development have not made things any easier for scrap metal recyclers due to the rise of alloy-based products. Most metallic products nowadays use a mixture of different materials and metal. Notably, sorting these products during recycling is both challenging and time-consuming. Besides, the equipment used by scrap metal recyclers might not be reliable for analysing highly mixed products.
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