Famous Red Celebrity Dresses

These celebrity dresses stole the show.

  1. Selena Gomez

Back when Selena and Justin were still a power couple, Selena wore a beautiful red dress while walking the carpet with him. As if girls didn’t envy her enough already!

Her dress was beautiful in its simplicity. It had an A-line design and was made from beautiful chiffon. The dress had pleats that perfectly complimented her figure and the V-neck had just enough sexiness to keep her from appearing boring. Because the V-neck added enough appeal, the rest of the dress was fairly loose and natural, except for the back that was open. The dress was also sleeveless, which balanced out the long skirt the dress had. The dress also had spaghetti straps, presumably to prevent it from slipping down.

  1. Mary J Blige

Mary J Blige was seen posing with Justin Timberlake on the red carpet when she wore this stunner. This dress was also an A-line made from Chiffon like Selena’s dress, but it was a lot more daring. The neckline was very risqué and it had no sleeves as well as being backless.  A few subtle pleats added intricacy to the dress and the long, flowing skirt balanced out the daring top half of this gorgeous dress.

  1. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is known for being a sex symbol and thus it’s only appropriate that her entry on this list be the sexiest. Unlike the two mentioned above, Eva didn’t shy away from her sex appeal at all. She chose her red in a form fitting mermaid design that showed off her voluptuous figure perfectly. The dress was made from satin and had pleats at the bottom where it flared out. Even though she had a sweetheart neckline, it still showed off her figure nicely. The dress highlighted her tiny waist and showed off how toned she is by being strapless and backless.